Friday, August 13, 2010


this morning, i had to get my lazy bones out of bed early to babysit. usually, i would play outside or paint with the kids, but today, i suppose i was too tired, so i let the television entertain them. we watched a double feature -- mr toad's wide ride and the adventures of ichabod crane. both were enjoyable, though i quite preferred mr toad. the kids were fairly fascinated with both movies. the little two year old kept asking when the headless horseman would come on. he kept saying "when does the horseman come on? he has a mean horse and a mean headless horseman." his older sister is really hyper and adorable all the time. the oldest, a girl who wasn't there this morning, is the smartest second grader i've ever met. she's approximately ten years older than her age. all three of them are adorable.

then, it was a beautiful day at the pool. i thought is was going to be crappy again, but it was actually quite nice. still, it was a slow day. i was really tired all day, so the hours at the snack bar went really slowly.

after i g
ot home, i went on a walk, then to barnes and noble to do some research on spending a day in brussels, since i'll be doing so in less that a week. i learned that central brussels is where the place to go. i also learned that belgian waffles are actually from brussels (as opposed to belgian just being a name like french fries). in brussels, waffles are sold on carts from street venders! how cool is that?! no doubt, sam and i will be stuffed with waffles by the time we board our plane to athens.

then, my best friend billy and i met at the diner for a late night hang out. over the sum
mer, meeting at the diner at late hours has become somewhat of a tradition for me and billy. we usually go around midnight, just the two of us. he always laughs at me becasue i order strange things, like sides of rice pilaf or plates of toast. tonight, he was late as usual, be it was ok. i told him about my trip and we caught up on country club gossip. good times.....

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