Sunday, August 15, 2010


went to work. not much to report there.

after work, i went to fridays with my family -- my sister, parents, grandparents, uncle and great aunt. it was a little bon voyage dinner for me and sam. its always nice to see them. i especially like it when i realize something that i have in common with them -- something that i have becasue they gave it to me. for instance, my hands are a lot like my great-grandmothers and grandmother's, so even it we don't really look alike, there are some physical traits that they passed down to me.

i also really enjoy seeing my grandmother and great aunt together. my aunt comes to almost everything and she and my grandma are super close. they're both great, but they're really different in a lot of ways. my grandmother is into academics and really witty, while my aunt likes sports and is really sassy. becasue they're really close, but can be so different, they remind me of me and sam a lot. i often see them and look forward to when we'll be two grandmothers still joking around with each other.

when we got home from dinner, pop surprised me with a new digital camera for my trip. the
flash didn't work on my old one and i had secretly lost the cord to connect it to the computer, but i was set to deal with it. however, he went out and got me a new one. it's silver and shiny and i love it! although i truly believe that my parents are too good to me, i am eternally grateful for everything.

some fun stuff...

a while ago, my mom told about this site, it allows you to paint your own jackson pollock style piece. it's really cool, and a great way to kill time. the paintings always come out looking awesome.

also, my sister told me about this blog, catalog living ( its about the fictional couple gary and elaine, who live in our catalogs. its sarcastic and clever and hilarious, which are three of my favorite qualities. enjoy!

now i going to watch true blood with pop. tomorrow, i pack...

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