Thursday, August 12, 2010


today, i had to go back to the country club to work. it was only me, our cook, and the lifeguards since the weather was so crappy. and since it was such crappy weather, only one family came to the pool, meaning that we spent the day playing cards, ping pong, and talking...and getting paid for it. and to top it all off, it finally started raining and we all went home a couple hours early. all that added up to a pretty awesome day at the pool.

for the past month or so, mom and i have been trying to eat at a new restaurant once a week. tonight, we tried a little gem in my home town called Bohemia. its a small latin restaurant. their specialty is ceviche, but since i can't bring myself to eat cooked seafood, raw fish didn't really appetize me. instead, i opted for the pollo saltado, aka stir fried chicken with tomatoes and onions. it was excellent! in the gibson zagat guide, Bohemia got a 4.5/5 for atmosphere and 4.25/5 for food. delish!

later, i went to the diner with my best friend ashley. its always nice to get together with her because we get a chance to catch up and gossip a little. i told her all about my trip over some coffee. luckily, she promised to help me pack, so tonight didn't have to be the last time i see her before i go.

now i must sleep because tomorrow its work all day...


  1. love the gossip! can't wait to help you pack <333

  2. LOVE THAT BABY PICTURE!!!!! grow your hair out like this again!