Saturday, August 14, 2010


today was possibly the most beautiful day of the summer -- 80s and sunny, but with a perfect breeze. i went to work excepting masses of club members to come to the pool, but i was pleasantly surprised. apparently most of the members (and probably 90% of unoccupied New Jerseyians) went down the shore, so it was a slow day. we listened to music, talked, and made fried oreos, which were amazing. we used pancake batter and half & half oreos. they were deep fried heaven.

after work, sam and i went to see scott pilgrim vs the world. it was really good. michael cera was adorable as always and the concept and style of the movie were totally original. it was made to intimidate an old video game. it was unlike any movie i had seen before, which, in this age of remakes and sequels, was refreshing. it also had an awesome cast, which i love. the ensemble included jason schwartzman, anna kendrick, mae whitma
n, chris evans, and kieran culkin, among others. i particularly liked kieran
culkin as scott's roommate/bffl. he was very witty and sam and i both agreed that we're glad he was able to break out of
macaulay's shadow. props, kier! also, ellen wong, the girl who plays scott's semi-crazy ex, knives, was really good. i had never seen her in anything else, but she was super cute in this. all in all, i highly recommend seeing it.

that's about all for today. til tomorrow...

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  1. Yo, girl! I loved SP too! It was so interesting! I saw it with my sister too, haha. Just a very fun movie