Wednesday, August 18, 2010

two, one

on monday, i had to pack. to me, packing makes the trip completely real. i know the trip was going to happen no matter what, but packing turned it from something we were just planning to something we were actually doing. since i am still a tidge freaked out about going over seas for so long (and since i have a tendency to procrastinate), i put off packing for as long as possible. i made until two days before my trip. ashley came over to help me, which was amazing becasue ashley is a packing genius. i had to pack everything for a semester in one checked bag, one duffel, and a purse. wtf??? but somehow we did it. thank god for ashley and sam. i am a terrible packer, but with sams list and ash's know-how, i made it. evidence that you're nothing without your friends and family.

then, ashley, moe and i went to meet rachel at cafe electic. unfortunately, when we got there it was closed. that really sucked because it is one of my favorite places at home and i wanted to say goodbye, but no go, so we went to nevada instead. the four of us had a nice meal and followed by a teary goodbye between me, rachel and ashley.

yesterday was my last day at work. it was a good last day -- not too slow, not too busy. i really enjoyed working at the country club. i like the people i worked with and most of the members were really nice. i would definitely go back over winter break, although i don't think the clubhouse would be as fun as the pool. for anyone who watches greys anatomy, the pool is the dermatology floor, where everything is relaxing messages and lotion, whereas the clubhouse is serious surgery and stress. of course, my job wasn't always calm, but relatively, its the same -- one is certainly more fun than the other.

right after work, my mom and i went to see eat prey love. i wanted to make sure i saw as many movies in english-speaking theaters as possible. we left with mixed feelings. technically, it was a really good film. the scenery was amazing! obviously, i especially enjoyed the scenes of rome. bali also looked a little slice of paradise. the cast and acting were also very good. julia roberts was wonderful. the rest of the ensemble included james franco, billy crudup, viola davis, and javier bordem. i especially liked javier. ever since vicky cristina barcelona, i have found him very attractive. go figure! so, all that was good, but neither me nor my mom liked the main character. she seemed very conceited. she leaves her whole life to travel the world, but at the end she's no better than when she started. and, of course she goes on this world-wind adventure and everything just falls into place. she makes great lifelong friends and learns italian and pets a wandering elephant -- just like that. the lack of progression ruined it for me.

a couple hours later, i met billy and moe at...wait for it...the diner! this time, i was the one who was late, but they weren't upset. we sat and ate and talked. moe and billy talked about all the gossip they had heard. somehow, those two always know everything that's going on and i never know anything, so it always informative to hang out with them. a wrap, omlette, and french toast later, we were group hugging goodbye. of all my friends, i probably talk to billy and moe the most while at school. moe and i always let each other know what we're up to and i tell billy nearly everything. i already miss them.

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