Friday, August 27, 2010

Gelato is the New Baklava

This morning, we gathered our duds and got ready to leave the island. Stavros drove us to the airport at nine for our ten thirty flight. The Santorini airport was tiny. Once we passed security, we waited near our gate. Actually, we waited near all the gates, because they were just double doors leading outside. All five were against one wall. We had to take a bus to the airfield and boarded the plane there. I'd always wanted to do that. We flew Olympic Air to Athens and then to Rome. I was happy because they gave us food, even between Santorini and Athens, which was only thirty five minutes.

When we arrived in Rome, we had to take the train to Termini Station. Once there, we got a little lost before finding our hotel, The Beehive. It in this tall yellow building only a few blocks from the station, and it's not exactly what I'd expected. It's all organic and vegetarian and kind of resembles a hippie artist commune. Anyone who really knows me can tell you that I can be a little cynical about things like that, but this is pretty nice.

After a long day of traveling, Sam and I had to rest for a little while, but before long, we were up again. All throughout our trip, the pasta sections of menus had been taunting us because we were determined to save Italian food for Italy. Now, we were searching for spaghetti. We decided to start at the Trevi Fountain. Of course, I was thrilled because I remember it as my favorite place in the city. This time, it was a lot more crowded, but still amazing.

After the fountain, we walked around a bit until we found a suitable place. It was a couple blocks away, called Bar Centralismo. Sam got spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil; I got spaghetti carbonara, with bacon and an egg creme sauce. If I had been imagining the perfect start to our Roman holiday, this would have beat it. This food was so so so good! My mouth is still watering.

From there, we walked a little more then went back to the hotel. We would need our rest for tomorrow...

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